Hopp til innhold
Hverdagen vår har blitt endret på veldig kort tid. Vi takker ansatte og foresatte for et veldig godt samarbeid i en utfordrende tid. Ta godt vare på hverandre.
Vi ønsker å minne om gode hygieneråd og andre anbefalinger fra Helsedirektoratet; https://www.helsedirektoratet.no


What is the price?

The price is the same as for all other kindergartens in Norway. From 1st of January 2020 the price is 3135 NOK a month. In addition we charge 300 NOK in food fees.

What are your opening hours?

We open at 07:00 and close at 17:00.

Does my child need to stay in Preschool for the whole day?

No, but we appreciate you coming before 09:30 and leave after 14:30 as these are the hours with the planned activities.

Is it possible to attend part time?

KIP FUS only offers 100% placements. You are welcome to apply for a 100% placement, and takes some days off, but this will not lead to a reduction of the payment.

What language do you practice?

We practice both English and Norwegian on a daily basis, and from August 2019 we will implement sign-supported speech as well.

What kind of clothing do we need?

Please find an equipment list posted under "documents" on our main page.