Hopp til innhold

How to apply for admission

You can apply for admission in two different ways depending on wether or not you and your child have a Norwegian ID number.

Without a Norwegian ID number, please use the form "Application form without Norwegian ID number" posted under "Documents" on our main page.

With a Norwegian ID number, you can apply through this portal: https://kongsberg.ist-asp.com/NO00604-pub/login.htm

Unfortunately the page is in Norwegian, but here is a translation:

  1. Press "Søk barnehageplass her" to start the application
  2. Scroll down the page to find the option "Vis flere enheter" (to show more units) Click it.
  3. Click the plus sign and "legg til" in front of the name of the kindergarten you are applying for. (to add the kindergarten to your list).
  4. Now click the button "Start registrering av søknad" (Start registration of application)
  5. Fill out you personal ID number ( both date of birth and ID number, 11 digits in total) on the first line "Søkers personnummer"
  6. Fill out your child's personal number (+ date of birth = 11 digits) on the second line "Barnets personnummer"
  7. You can leave the Third line blank "Medsøkers personnummer" (Your partner’s personal number)
  8. Click "Neste" (Next)
  9. Next page you fill inn information about yourself in the lines marked with a star. Fornavn og mellomnavn / First and middle name. Etternavn / Last name. Adresse / Address. Postnummer / Postal number. Poststed / Post place. Telefon (mobil) / your mobile phone number. E-post / e-mail. Bekreft e-post / confirm your e-mail.
  10. Click "neste" (Next)
  11. Legg inn opplysninger om barnet / Add information about your child. Fornavn og mellomnavn / First name and middle name. Etternavn / Last name.
  12. Click "neste" (Next)
  13. Prioriter barnehager for dine valgte enheter / Prioritize your chosen units. Alternativ 1 / Option 1. Choose Kongsberg International Preschool FUS.
  14. Now you can choose to add more units (legg til flere enheter).
  15. Click "neste" (Next)
  16. Velg type plass (choose type of place) Kongsberg International Preschool FUS only offers 100% place.
  17. Prioritetskode / Code of priority: Choose "90 Øvrige søkere" (other applicants)
  18. Click "neste" (Next)
  19. Øvrige opplysninger / Additional information: Ønsket startdato / Start date - fill in preferred date to start. Barnets morsmål / Childs first language - fill in the child’s first language. Velg hvem som skal motta tilbud og faktura / Choose who to receive offer and invoice.
  20. Click "neste" (Next) til you get to the last page "Bekreft søknad for XXXXXXXXXXX"
  21. See through that all your information is correct and click the button: "Jeg har lest personvernerklæringen og bekrefter søknaden" (I have read the privacy statement and confirm my application)