Hopp til innhold
VELKOMMEN TILBAKE! Nå skal vi endelig leke, hoppe, løpe og herje sammen igjen: ) Nære, men med avstand. Vi følger selvfølgelig Folkehelseinstituttets smitteveileder og holder oss i mindre grupper med god hygiene. Vi gleder oss!


As humas we first develop our oral language.

Then, we learn to read.

After learning to read, we read to learn.

We are all born with the ability to learn every language in the world, and the kindergarten age is an uniqe window for learning language. This window is illustrated with the trajectory below:

Language is important. In KIP FUS your child will be stimulated in both Norwegian and English on a daily basis. We speak English as it is a world language and we consider our children to be world citizens. We speak Norwegian because although we consider our children world citizens thet are currently living in Norway, and will need the Norwegian language to make friends outside KIP FUS.