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Kongsberg International Preschool FUS

Welcome to Kongsberg International Preschool FUS

We are an international Preschool centrally located in Kongsberg. Through 15 years experience as an international Preschool we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with preparing our children for School. Our department for the children between the age 0 to 3 was established in 2016, and with this we aquired knowledge and experience with the youngest children.

In Kongsberg International Preschool FUS our children lead project work three times a year. This is to stimulate complex problem solving, creativity, cooperation, emotional intelligence and negotiation amongst other. These are the skills your child will need for the jobs in the future (Find references at World Economic Forum.

We have children from four of the five continents, staff from three of the five continents. We practice English and Norwegian daily.

We offer full electronic communication through MyKid. All updates and info regarding your child are sent straight to your mobile device.

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